Steps to Proper Sprinkler System Care

A sprinkler system on any sized property is a major investment. That system operates fully and efficiently for decades with the proper care. Minor tasks, such as keeping sprinkler heads clean and making sure the places where heads pop up are clear and free of debris, can easily be done by the homeowner. Owners who have no desire to perform any type of care can hire a professional company to handle sprinkler maintenance Denver.

When to Hire a Professional

Homeowners can attempt to winterize the system in late fall and start it up again in the springtime, but hiring a professional for these essential steps is recommended. Services are inexpensive, take less time when experts are called, and can make a significant difference in prolonging the life of the system. The work is precise and damage is virtually imminent if any steps are done incorrectly. Most companies offer closing and opening services in one money-saving package to accommodate any budget.

What Could Go Wrong?

Winterization, also referred to as blowout, entails draining all the water out of the pipes in the whole system. Leaving water in the system can lead to broken heads and leaking pipes. The stations have to be shut off at the control panel, and the water has to be shut off as well. Protecting the heads from damage with covers is optional because those are housed slightly below the surface level of the lawn.

When turning the system back on, an assessment and inspection by professionals is wise. If there is any visual damage, Sprinkler repair Denver commences before the system is reactivated. The process is a delicate one.

The water, for example, once it is turned back on has to be introduced into the pipes slowly. They have to fill gradually to prevent any excessive pressure. This cannot be rushed because heads will fly off, pipes will burst, and the system will fail.

The Advantages of a Professional

Professional sprinkler system technicians are not only experienced, they are trained in several disciplines. Hydraulics, sprinkler layouts, soil types, and the watering needs of plants and trees are just a few. Many signs of damage elude homeowners because the damage can be anywhere along miles of piping. A professional is more likely to spot an issue and repair it before further damage happens.

Getting a professional to perform at least those two services saves time, money, and water. An annual one-time cost is cheaper than one major repair, or the cost of a new system. This year, hire a professional and compare water, utility bills, and the look of the lawn with the past year. There will be a noticeable difference.


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